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We have assembled a collection of interesting articles and documents, as well as a handful of links for pet owners.

Holiday Pet Travel

In the following article we have listed the top 10 Holiday Pet Travel Tips for you and your pet. Should you need more information about pet travel or boarding your pets, please do not hesitate to call our office at 702-255-8050

Pet Dental Health

Dental cleanings are important to our overall health. We brush our teeth daily and visit our dentist for cleanings to keep our teeth and gums healthy. What about our pets? Dental cleanings are just as important, if not more so for them as it is for us. They can’t brush their teeth, they don’t tell us when a tooth hurts, and their breath can clear a room sometimes. Dental disease can cause not only tooth and gum disease but systemic illness as well. We want to help you pet achieve their optimum health potential and dental cleanings are a part of that hitting that goal! We offer complimentary dental exams, where one of our doctors will examine your pet’s mouth, discuss options with you and then develop a treatment plan just for your pet.

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